02.02.2023 Klima.Wechsel

IBA Vienna
New Social Housing
Zentralvereinigung der Architektinnen Österreichs
Contributions to IBA Vienna 2022, Volume 40

25.11.2022 TALKS about Architecture

Lecture, Garage Rotterdam
organized by Architectuur Instituut Rotterdam,
Robert- Jan de Kort/ Sander van Schaik

27.10.2022 Areal Kirschloh

Competition, 1. Price
Housing, Commercial and Office Spaces

14.06.2022 Publication

Goldbachweg 12+14
in Arkitekten 05 Udstilling

23.05.2022 AS

Guesthouse Hiriketiya in AS 224 | 1 - 2022

05.05.2022 Celebrating the Act of Building

Seminar hosted by Johansen Skovsted Architects,

16.03.2022 Wir are hiring new collaborators
07.03.2022 Midterm Review

"Designing Collectivity, Designing Politically", Oslo School for Architecture and Design, Paul- Antoine Lucas, Hanna Birkeland Bergh, Bui Quy Son

30.06.2021 Competition Cooperative Housing BGB Widmerstrasse, Zurich

/// 3. Price

30.06.2021 CONTEXTES

Le logement contemporain en situation Book publication by Lorraine Beaudoin, Bruno Marchand with a feature on our Helen Keller project
EPFL Press, 2021

17.05.2021 ARCHETYPES

The Mock- Up Erlenmatt Ost is part of the book publication and exhibition ARCHETYPES, by the canadian artist David K. Ross. Edited by Reto Geiser, Standpunkte Basel + Park Books

06.05.2021 Lecture Oslo Arkitektforening
09.03.2021 Guesthouse Hiriketiya

"What is inside, what outside?"
Text by Dorothée Müller and Thomas Schiratzki for Archithese magazine Swiss Performance 2021 on the guesthouse in Hiriketiya

26.10.2020 Competition Cooperative Housing FGZ Grossalbis

/// 4. Price

03.10.2020 Lecture

Federation of Swiss Architects,

09.09.2020 Housing Erlenmatt Ost

featured in DETAIL 9.2020
"Living Vertically"

26.06.2020 Helen Keller and Frohalp in

Organique. L’Architecture du logement, des écrits aux œuvres
Bruno Marchand, Christophe Joud, EPFL Press, Lausanne, 2020.

30.04.2020 Erlenmatt Ost

featured in
Werk, Bauen+ Wohnen
Text by Lucia Gratz

27.03.2020 Competition Lerchenhalde, Zürich

/// 3. Price

23.03.2020 Helen Keller

Second stage soon to be completed

05.03.2020 Swiss Performance 2020

Erlenmatt Ost featured in the
Archithese Magazine
Swiss Performance 2020

27.01.2020 INTERNSHIP

We are hiring a highly motivated intern for a period of 6 months.
At least 4 semesters or bachelor. We are looking forward to receive your printed portfolio and CV by post.

10.01.2020 Guesthouse Hiriketiya

Foto: Rasmus Norlander
More fotos coming soon

11.11.2019 Lecture TU Darmstadt

Lecture on the series positions of TU Darmstadt, 20. November 2019, 18:00.
Architecture Campus Lichtwiese , El-Lissitzky-Straße 1 (L3|01 Space 93)

11.11.2019 Building award Erlenmatt Ost

Erlenmatt Ost has been awarded by the foundation of heritage protection Basel, for its annual building awards, 2019
Basler Heimatschutz

09.10.2019 Helen Keller

Group Exhibition
18.Oct.19 - 19.Jan.20
Cité de l'architecture & du patrimoine

17.09.2019 Erlenmatt


06.08.2019 Erlenmatt Ost completed

Photos by Rasmus Norlander

23.07.2019 Helen Keller in Wohnen für Alle

Publication DOM Publishers
DAM Deutsches Architekturmuseum

17.05.2019 Hiriketiya

In the finishing
More infos coming soon

25.03.2019 Erlenmatt Ost

In the finishing

21.02.2019 Competition Project Frohalp

Our proposal for the competition Frohalp in Zurich
achieves a purchase

20.12.2018 Gerichtshaus in AS–Nr. 211

AS Magazin

30.10.2018 Group Exhibition Museum für Gestaltung 7.12.2018–14.4.2019

3D Schrift am Bau

26.09.2018 Building Site Erlenmatt Ost
08.06.2018 Archetypes Project

Happy to be part of Artist David K. Ross' Archetypes Project
Image courtesy David K. Ross and Patrick Mikhail Gallery

25.05.2018 Hiriketiya Building Site
04.05.2018 Topping Out Erlenmatt Ost
04.03.2018 Ceramic House Numbers Helen Keller

Nora Wagner, Hannes Gloor, AAA

03.03.2018 Architecture Forum Lausanne

Group Exhibition 22.3–15.4.2018

22.02.2018 Building Site Erlenmatt Ost
06.02.2018 Erlenmatt Ost

Mock Up

01.02.2018 Helen Keller Finishing 1. Phase

Project Visit 17.02.2018, 11–16:00h

15.11.2017 Lecture SIA Winterthur

22.11.2017, 18:00h

08.11.2017 Building Site Hiriketiya
26.10.2017 Book Publication

New Housing in Zurich
Typologies for a changing society
Dominique Boudet
Park Books

21.09.2017 Helen Keller, Open House Zürich

Public Building Site Visit 30.9.2017

10.09.2017 Building Site Hiriketiya, Sri Lanka
22.08.2017 Erlenmatt Ost, Bausteine 10 & 11

Building Site has started

18.07.2017 FS 17 Abraha Achermann, HSLU

Student Works 1. year

20.06.2017 Final Critics HSLU
12.06.2017 Architekturforum Thun

U40 Book Vernissage 14.06.17, 18:30h

03.05.2017 Building Site Helen Keller
02.05.2017 Erlenmatt Ost, Basel

Building Permit received

06.04.2017 Refurbishment Atelier
31.03.2017 À l'intérieur, Publication by EPFL

Christophe Joud

27.03.2017 Competition Cooperative Housing BGO Zürich 1. Price
16.02.2017 Building Start Bed&Breakfast

Hiriketiya, Sri Lanka

30.01.2017 HS 16 Abraha Achermann, HSLU

Student Works 1. Year

21.11.2016 Group Exhibition "Schweizweit"

19.11.16 –7.5.17, S AM Basel

21.11.2016 Group Exhibition Hochparterre

1.12.–3.12.16, Pavillon Werd, ZH

27.09.2016 Student Works HSLU Basic


07.09.2016 Building Site Helen Keller
12.08.2016 Refurbishment Friedrichstrasse


05.08.2016 Interior Project OKI

Building Site

20.07.2016 Planning Erlenmatt Ost
07.07.2016 Building Site Friedrichstrasse
04.05.2016 Building Site Helen Keller
08.04.2016 Competition Werdgässchen 2. Price
23.03.2016 Workshop
22.03.2016 Architekturforum Thun

"15 unter 40"

31.01.2016 Atelier Weekend in Brussels
20.01.2016 Final Critics HSLU
08.12.2015 Logements en Devenir

EPFL Press

13.09.2015 Gerichtshaus

European Days of Heritage Conservation

02.09.2015 Housing, Ateliers, Cafe

Erlenmatt Ost, Competition 1. Price

02.09.2015 Final Critics HSLU
14.08.2015 Helen Keller

Building Permit received

10.07.2015 Building Site Landschaustrasse
26.06.2015 Competition Goler
25.06.2015 Building Site Landschaustrasse
30.04.2015 Building Site Landschaustrasse
13.04.2015 Competition Obsthaldenstrasse 2. Price
11.03.2015 Gerichtshaus completed
11.03.2015 Gerichtshaus Completed
29.01.2015 Project Visit Gerichtshaus

Saturday, 31.1.2015, 13.00h–16.00h

26.11.2014 Building Site Gerichtshaus
12.11.2014 Building Site Landschaustrasse
15.10.2014 Building Start Landschaustrasse
07.10.2014 Building Site Gerichtshaus
11.09.2014 Restauration Gerichtshaus
27.07.2014 Wood- Concrete Composite, Gerichtshaus
17.07.2014 Building Site Gerichtshaus
26.06.2014 Window Production Huber Fenster, Herisau
24.06.2014 Competition Guggach II, ZH 3. Price
10.05.2014 Office
08.05.2014 Making of
06.03.2014 Building Site Gerichtshaus
03.12.2013 Refurbishment Gerichtshaus
13.12.2012 New Atelier
06.11.2012 Refurbishment Bändlistrasse
08.09.2012 Gerichtshaus Münchwilen

Construction Loan approved

12.06.2012 Competition Helen Keller 1. Price
05.04.2012 Refurbishment